The commerce trade and services trade union of B&H represents its workers in the most dynamic and most progressive sector and in that regard, defines its objectives and plans and implements its activities. It has been present in the union movement in B&H for over a hundred years and it is considered to be the initiator of the union movement. Its work was re-established in 1996, when the new wave of organizing started from zero, and during the last twelve years of active work the number of members has reached 8000.


Since 1997 it has been a full member in the global trade union federation UNION NETWORK INTERNATIONAL (UNI) where it holds a privileged status and is also represented via its spokespersons in the executive committee of UNI Commerce and UNI Youth.


Its everyday work, providing of services to its members and the majority of its activities are based on project cooperation that has been going on for twelve years. The Norwegian Union of Employees in Commerce and Offices, HK Norge, with its regions has been helping the development of the CTUB&H with their ample support and solidarity. The projects that have been carried out in the CTUB&H in cooperation with PAM via SASK have directly influenced the development of skills and competences of the CTUB&H representatives and members in general.     


The 4th Congress Assembly of the CTUB&H, under the title “More than just a trade union“ , has resulted in young and new staff being appointed to leading positions- the change that made this trade union the one with the youngest staff composition in the whole trade union movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The reform focused on regionalization and professionalization as a means of resistance to the crisis and recession and their negative effects on the trade union and also it laid the foundations for a new and better union- tailored to fit the members.



The CTUB&H is a modern and politically and financially independent organization and its objective is to safeguard the values of decent work in the commerce and services sectors in B&H.  Its strength is in mass, educated and active membership on all levels in B&H who deem the CTUB&H as their family. As such, the CTUB&H is the legitimate representative of its members, an equal social partner and a crucial factor in the B&H society and region.